1. First day of college and I already feel like I may knock out in the middle of a lecture.
    As you can tell I don’t look that great either.

  2. Just got my school books
    Not completely (mentally) ready to start school again.

  4. Turnt up…
    On sparkling grape juice. :)

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  6. My first attempt at taro bubble tea at home. Besides the unfathomable mess I made, I’d say that I did really well.


  7. Anonymous said: hi! first things first, lovveeee your blog! it's hilarious and super adorable hehe :3 anyways i would like to request how exo would ask you out to prom? (hehe sorry this is kinda lame lol)


    Thank you for loving our blog! *hearts and kisses* My prom is on the 26th and holy pretzels imagine turning up with Chanyeol as my date ;A; im gonna pretend that you guys have been friends for ages

    Xiumin: *acts all playful and pretends he has some big secret before telling you to come closer and whispers into your ear* come to prom with me.

    Luhan: *nervously waits outside your classroom with a bunch of flowers*

    YiFan: *attempts to draws a portrait of you with the words ‘prom?’ underneath to place on your desk first thing in the morning with your favourite flowers*

    Suho: *finds you after class to give you a box with your favourite cake inside and formally asks you to prom like the gentleman he is*

    Lay: *dedicates a song to you that he sings during class through the school intercom*

    Baekhyun: *rounds up all the kids in the drama club and puts on the cheesiest display for you*

    Chen: *walks into your classroom all dressed up in a suit with the music club following behind and proceeds to sing to you in front of the entire class*

    Chanyeol: *gets your friends to drag you to the music room where he waits, playing a sweet melody he composed just for you*

    D.O: *records a video of himself asking you to prom that the teacher sets to automatically play twenty minutes into your shared class on the projector*

    Tao: *tries really really hard to bake a cake because he knows you really love sweet things*

    Kai: *choreographs a dance that he’ll perform in the auditorium with just you in the audience because he knows how much you love his ballet*

    Sehun: *waits outside by the gate all dressed up with balloons and flowers and shouts ‘_____, WILL YOU BE MY DATE TO PROM?’ in front of the entire student body when he sees you walk out the main entrance* 


    This was really fun to do and I hope you like it! ^3^

    - Admin K


  8. Anonymous said: Can I get the boys reactions to when they're teaching you how to drive and you're not really that good and they're pretty much fearing for their lives sitting in the passenger seat?


    Okay I legit laughed for quite a while when I saw this request. It’s so original and super jokes. I can totally imagine their dumb faces \(^▽^)/


    Xiumin: Omg I think I’m gonna die….


    Luhan: What to do, what to do, what to do…..


    Yifan: She’s going 80 in a 50 zone… *Mental breakdown*


    Suho: …………………………….. I’m fucked aren’t I?


    Lay: Oh no we’re gonna hit that car~


    Baekhyun: I’m too young to die!!~


    Chen: *Actually quiet for once* I might actually die…


    Chanyeol: You. Just. Sped. Past. A. Red. Light.


    D.O: I’m telling you, if we die, I don’t have life insurance.




    Kai: Does she know she’s going too fast? Does she know she’s driving right in the middle of the road? Why isn’t she signalling to turn? Why am I even here? Why did I agree to this?


    Sehun: Oh my god. What’s going to happen to a fab person like me in hell?



    Hope you liked these. Haven’t done one in days.

    -Admin C

  9. The quote I heard today:

    "You remind me of my hamsters abortion."

    My reaction:

    …………………. What!?!?